Dreamin’ © 2004 Gary Galimidi

I hear and see what is not real
told to think and what to feel
my senses keep me from the one that I must know
she’s just dreamin'
truth beyond reason
i close my eyes I start to dream
her spirit guides me through the schemes
We set our karmic stage
directors of our show 
she’s just dreaming
truth beyond reason

and when she dreams her dream
A world will come to be
Where matter matters not
Just Rules of energy
Our body feels so real
It’s strange to think the puppets are dreamin’
Tell me do you think that we’re dreamin’ 
Oh no!

She’s just dreaming
Truth beyond reason

I take control I am sincerer
I dare to do and have no fear
And when we dream our dream
I trust that things will flow

Shes just dreaming
Truth beyond Reason

I’m Dreaming
Just Dreaming
She’s Dreaming
She’s Just Dreaming Were Dreamin'