Get Off Your Ass!  C 1999 GARY GALIMIDI

So Tired 
So Cold
Can't seem to find the beat
Can't seem to get a hold
Need to get ready
Come up with a plan
Got to get a facial
Got to get a tan
Sign up at the health club
Got to lose a few pounds
First I need those new Reeboks
The ones that don't touch the ground
Got to find a new stylist
Got to get a new ride
Hear the dead man yelling,
I can still hear him yellin'

Get off your ass
Get off your ass

Another dose of Starbucks
For my migraining head
Down to needless Markup
For some drop dead threads

Ini meeni miini mo, can you
catch the tiger by the toe, if he
hollers would you let him go, screemin'
Ini meeni miini mo

Can't seem to study
Hangin' out by the pool
Get a job as a critic
crack a safe for a jewel
Wonder what'll happen
When the bread's all gone
Hear the dead man yelling
I can still hear him yelling

Get off your ass

Black sheep have you any wool?
Why Yes sir I have three bags full
I have one for Master one for son 
That little lazy Bastard rotting in the sun
Cock crows twice it's time to rise
He who lies in wait is never wise
For an early bed and early rise
Makes for Healthy wealthy strong and wise

Alarm clock is blasting holes in my head
Gotta call my daddy
Ask him for some more bread
You know I'm gona get it all anyway
As soon as he is dead
Hear the dead man yelling
I can hear him yellin

Get off your ass
Get off your ass

Jack be nimble jack be quick
Humpty Dumpty sat too long

Now I lay me down to sleep,
And I pray the Lord my soul to keep...