Liner Notes


It's my great pleasure to share this music with you and it will always be here and freely available. 

All selections were written, performed, recorded, edited, mixed and produced by yours truly .... Gary Galimidi.

All instrumentation is real with the exception of Steven Slate Drums that were sequenced via drum pads and midi keyboard input. Also, Grand Piano sounds were sequenced from Spectrasonic's Keyscape. There are occasional real cymbal sounds interspersed throughout.

It is my intention to continue to "update" the selections as time goes on, as I get better at what I'm doing and as ideas develop. It really takes some of the stress off of "trying to get everything right" - knowing I can go back and fix something helps me keep a calm approach. (As an example, I plan to replace the Keyscape Piano parts with real performances on a real Steinway). I've changed several lyrics and guitar solos and edited parts in and out. 

There are many people I feel a debt of gratitude toward that have taught me so much about so many aspects of making music. Thank you all. 

On Working Alone:

Collaboration is a wonderful thing and can lead to great invention. Sadly I find that people have just enough time to do their own thing.  Few to none are interested in investing time in someone else's project with a keen and sincere interest to make the work the best it can be. Not even for a bag of cash... 

So in the end, I find myself working alone and doing the best that I can. For me, the important thing is to get the ideas out there. I wish I could play like some of my heroes, and sing like Chris Cornell.  But it is what it is.

Meanwhile, the positive side of it is that I can do wtf I want in my recordings without having to answer to anyone. I cherish my freedom, especially my freedom to think my own thoughts while acting responsibly. I can go back to the recordings and change them whenever I care to, as I hear different things developing in my head. So I view "Little Black Car" as a perpetual work in progress. It will likely be a 50 song album before I'm done. 


"Smiling Faces" , "End of Days", "I'll Have Another Corona"

I wrote "Smiling Faces" during the lock-down. Being a huggy-kissy Cuban and having an extensive extended family (friends and co-workers) that has been in my life for over 30 years, the sudden lack of contact and the sudden loss of smiles and expressions really did a number on me. It was also during this time that I wrote "End of Days" and "I'll Have Another Corona".  As challenging as the Covid pandemic has been, it has opened our eyes to what is important in life. 
'Young Man"

I woke up one morning and looked into the mirror and to my horror I saw my Dad looking back at me. My relationship with my father was not the best, and I had to come to grips with subsequent realizations that in many ways I'm not too different from what he was, although I detested him on many levels. The realization that life is not easy and that many of us are victims of circumstance can be difficult to accept especially when the folks we would like to reconcile with are gone... 
"Seven Stones"

My Father passes on, and now I wonder what will happen with me, my eternal soul ...

"Changing of the Guard" and  "Missle's of October"

Just a pair of instrumentals based on some great Oberheim and Yamaha CS80 sounds. The title may or may not have anything to do with anything. These are older compositions. I had fun with the guitars on these... There was a moment in October of 1962 where all but two or three of the nut jobs you see below were ready to launch a nuclear war citing "acceptable casualties". 
"Seal of Deception"

Every politician lies... those that don't... don't last.. those that challenge the money machine and sue for peace are assassinated by their own ... simple enough... November 22, 1963.


My attempt at a perverted Van Halen style song…

“Little Black Car”

My attempt at a little innuendo …